Single Girder Underslung cranes

The Underslung cranes/Suspension cranes are suitable where space is a constraint. They occupy very little space. Single girder underslung cranes run on the longer flange of the crane runway, which is mounted directly on the ceiling, allowing optimum utilization of the width of the room. The lifting capacity ranges up to 10,000kg in the basic version. Higher capacity or double girder version can also be built to suit specific requirement. Multiple underslung cranes in adjacent buildings can be connected using interlocking sections. This hoist can travel onto a neighbouring crane and can reach any destination in the interlocked system.

Key Features:

  • Innovative : all control signals by preference transmitted by radio signal
  • Cable-free : in conjunction with the radio control technology, the main power supply is designed as a conductor line, dispensing with festoon cables and cable trolley runway
  • Compact : minimum approach dimensions and efficient utilization of the width of the building
  • Convenient : smooth starting and braking characteristics, on request with the modern SFD frequency inverters
  • Low wear : movable trolley suspensions equalize any inaccuracy or distortion in the crane runway
  • Wide-ranging : crane interlocks for overhead material transport across more than one building section