Single Girder Overhead Cranes

ElectroMech is known as a leading single girder overhead crane manufacturer. These cranes are available in different configurations depending upon the project requirements ranging from SWLs 250kg to 20MT. The crane structures are available in beam/box type girders relying on the span size.

Our single girder EOT cranes are robust and ensure maximum performance under extreme climatic conditions. These cranes can be offered with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) in the panels to enable precise control over the travel and up/down motion of the crane or control can either be through a Pendant Push Button Station or a Radio Remote Control.

We offer a standard range of STAHL Electric Wire Rope Hoists on our single girder cranes. Alternatively, we can also supply these cranes with STAHL Chain Hoists. The classification of hoists is as per the FEM standards while the cranes incorporate design standards equivalent to M5, M7, M8 as per BS 2573 part 1 & 2. ElectroMech also offers single girder overhead cranes in association with Stahl, which are available in a range of SWLs up to 16,000kg. They can also be used in small buildings where the headroom available is very less. To suit a specific requirement, different variants such as EL-A (flush at the top), EL-B (flush at the bottom) and EL-C (raised) are available. A further increase in height of the lift is possible by using an 'extra short headroom trolley' suitable for loads upto 5000kg. Some of the key features can be listed as below;

Key Features:

  • Flexible : extremely adaptable thanks to various installation variants
  • Innovative :all control signals by preference transmitted by radio signal.
  • Cable-free : in conjunction with the radio control technology, the main power supply is designed as a conductor line, dispensing with festoon cables and cable trolley runway
  • Resilient : drives with 60% DC
  • Safe : HSFG bolt connection for the crane bridge with the statically defined introduction of forces from crane bridge to endcarriage
  • Convenient : smooth starting and braking characteristics, on request with the modern SFD frequency inverters.