Stacker Cranes

ElectroMech prides itself on an indigenously developed stacker crane, customizable exclusively as per client requirements. The stacker cranes are specially designed warehouse cranes which are a unique and excellent combination of an EOT crane and a forklift providing optimum storage and warehousing solutions to the clients across the globe and industries.

Today, industry’s storage or warehousing requirements are critical and demand solutions that stock substantial volumes of their products or inputs, which maximize utilization of warehouses by volume instead of by floor area, our stacker cranes play a pivotal role by facilitating palletized racking with swift retrieval and stocking. This concept has become urgent in metros and mini metros, with spiralling cost of land and construction. The above has been traditionally achieved by Fork Lifts, either battery or diesel operated, operating in conjunction with an appropriately designed racking system. This method has several disadvantages and imposes limitations on efficient use of space. ElectroMech can design and manufacture an electrically operated stacker crane for optimum space utilization and efficient warehousing operations.