Heavy Engineering

Cranes are indispensable for the fabrication industry, which forms an important chunk of ElectroMech's market. ElectroMech supplies cranes suited specifically to the requirements of different fabrication shops. From the smallest of workshops to largest of integrated heavy engineering factories, we cater to all.

The Fabrication and Heavy Engineering applications, mainly includes pre-engineered buildings, steel structures for infrastructure, heavy pressure vessels, boilers, ships and other marine structures etc.

Various types of cranes are becoming an integral part of this industry segment at both the locations, manufacturing plants as well as construction and installation sites. The industry is looking for highly reliable cranes which are safe and can perform in harsh working conditions day and night.

The most pertinent solutions from ElectroMech for such varied requirement come in the form of single girder cranes, double girder cranes, gantry cranes, semi-gantry cranes, wall travelling cranes, jib cranes and special purpose cranes. These cranes can be provided with customized lifting arrangements and varying speeds, spans, traverse lengths and lifts.